Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post IV: The Collegiate Nail Photos

Since I started my nail blog, The Collegiate Nail (thecollegiatenail.blogspot.com) earlier this year, I have taken THOUSANDS of photos. There really is an "art" to the hand pose. It took me a couple of months to get it right. A lot of other important elements go into creating the perfect nail blog photo as well. Obviously, your cuticles have to remain in pristine condition. It's kind of like you're a hand model. This can be really challenging if you're line of work involves constant saturation (I'm a bartender). I also constructed my own light box, but that's for another post coming soon.

Recently, I had to put together a portfolio of my design and photography. I did an entire spread of just nail photos. I thought it would be fun to share some of the compilations of the photos on my photography blog.

That's a lot of nails! Being a fashion blogger is time consuming, but it is really fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post III: Fierce Polish Jewelry Photos

Recently, I volunteered to do a review of some hand made jewelry. The maker of the jewelry is a friend of mine a fellow blogger. She makes her jewelry with nail polish and named her Etsy store after her blog, Fierce Makeup and Nails. I thought I would share some of those photos with you today. Here are some of my favorite shots from the review of Fierce Polish Jewelry. All of these photos are taken by me with a shallow depth of field to highlight the jewelry and make the background more of an artistic element. The photos are taken outside unless they appear on a book, then they were taken in my lightbox.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Post II: A Photo I've Taken

Today's blog post assignment is to share a photo I've taken.

This is a photo I took last Spring of Mandy and my dog, Piper.

Mandy is playing with Piper, who's leash comes to the front of the photo, which gives it depth. The leash was placed like that on purpose to achieve an interesting angle of view. I like the sun above them, although the sun maybe wouldn't have been as harsh if I took it from a different angle. That being said, I think the composition is the strongest element here. To me, the photo looks balanced.

Another reason why I like it so much is definitely for emotional value. The photo features two beings who are really important to me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Post I: Welcome to My Photography Blog!

Hi, my name is Brandi Beaulieu.
Welcome to my photography blog!

I am a fifth year senior at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. I will be graduating with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications in December 2012. My major is Visual Communications and my minor is Art History.  My design work is usually very simple. I love concentrating on simple lines, forms and shapes as well as experimenting with typography and color.  I am still learning about myself when it comes to photography, so hopefully this blog will help me figure out my personal style in that aspect.

The camera I use is a dSLR Canon EOS Rebel T3. It is very new to me and I love it so far! I love working in programs like iPhoto and Photoshop. I hope to soon experiment with the software that came with my camera as well.

Upon taking all of these design and photography classes, it has become apparent to me that everyone has to start somewhere. Photography isn't one of those things that people are born with.

This pretty much sums it up:

On that note, I look forward to learning more this semester in Jour 537! Please click follow to stay updated on future blog posts!

Warning: Shameless plug ahead...
If you would like to check out my other blog, please visit thecollegiatenail.blogspot.com.
This is where I post many pictures of different nail polishes that are sent to me for review.