Monday, October 29, 2012

Event Photos: SC Pride

On Saturday, October 20th, I went to the SC Pride festival on Main Street in Columbia, South Carolina. The main attractions included a parade, vendors, drag shows and a whole lot of rainbows. Here are some photos I took at the event.

Here, Roller Derby player Michelle rolls around the parade watchers handing out flyers. Many of her teammates were skating around doing the same. Their flyers promoted their game that was held later that night.

This is a touching photo of young parade walker Amanda Catherine. She swept past me on her scooter and smiled when I snapped a photo of her and her sign, reading "Straight But Not Narrow-Minded." There was a unexpectedly large crowd of youngsters at the festival events.

Here a drag queen dressed as Lady Gaga hands out flyers to parade-goers. This was only one of many crazy costumes seen at the parade.

On stage is Reverend Joe Wilm, who was promoting equal rights for members of his church. There was a very strong religious tone to many of the events, speeches, and parade floats at the festival.

In this photo, festival-goer Sarah Cross takes photos of her friends sporting their rainbow attire.

Here are some of the friends of Sarah Cross (pictured above). Bryan M. and Braxton H. are taking in all of the events around them.

Here, Jonathan Green and Kay Stennhouse pose for a photo. Kay is sporting a bright rainbow-colored tutu.

This is John Carell and his crazy rainbow hair accessories.

Festival-goer Mandy Covington bears a rainbow flag across her back while walking from vendor to vendor.

Here a same-sex couple is seen holding hands while watching a show on the main stage.

There were protesters at the parade as well. Many of them (regardless of not being provoked) taunted festival-goers as they walked by, asking "You like that?" while shoving their signs in peoples' faces. Signs they were holding said things like "March With Shame," or had the words "SAME SEX MARRIAGE" or  "ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE" crossed out with a big red mark.

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