Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Post VII: Pet Photography

I did not realize how wonderful strobes make your pictures look. They give them an honest, soft quality that could never be achieved with the pop up camera flash. When professor McGill was introducing strobes to the class, she said, "Once you learn how to utilize a strobe you will wonder how you ever lived without one in the first place." She was so right! I was so impressed by the quality of my photos with the strobe that I took the time to do a little photo shoot of my pets when I had it rented out. All of these photos use bounce flash. Another great thing about strobe and bounce flash with pets is that they don't get those evil green eyes from all of the reflecting light. The Chihuahua's name is Lilly, the Shih-Tzu/Maltese mix's name is Piper, and the Lab/Beagle mix's name is Henny. They all have such huge personalities. Enjoy!

The end :)

Another cool thing about these photos is that you can tell huge differences in the lighting between the room with yellow walls and the room with purple walls. Since I used bounce flash, the purple walls gave cooler tones to the photos and the yellow walls gave them a warmer look. Very cool!

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